The Art of Camouflage

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If you are a substandard blackjack player who loses more than you win in a consistent basis then quite frankly you don’t really need to read this post. If, however, you plan on being a really good blackjack player so much so that you’ll likely get kicked out casinos with the total amount of your winnings then you do need to learn more about camouflaging.

In the game of blackjack you need to do some camouflaging if you are one of those who have learned how to win consistently and still want to continue playing in any casino. I have mentioned so many times and it is a fact almost everyone knows that casinos hate losing their money to anybody. Now if you win some but lose more then there is no problem. However as an advantage player your goal is of course to win more than you lose. To achieve you goal though you need to be able to avoid being detected as an advantage player and a consistent winner.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is camouflage yourself as a bozo or a total loser. In gambling there are lots of bozos out there who are just in for the fun, which is why camouflaging as a bozo is very effective. It is pretty hard for casinos to distinguish from ordinary bozos and those that are just acting like one unless you are a really bad actor OR you keep on winning and don’t employ other methods to hide the fact.

A good and very simple way to act like a typical bozo is to come in reeking of booze. You want to look like you’ve had enough drinks already to make you quite loose in your game. And while you’re at it drink some “martinis” while playing so that you give the impression of getting even more drunk. Drunks are rarely taken seriously and are usually not monitored that much by pit bosses except for making sure that you stay under control. So be sure to be a jolly drunk and not a surly one. Oh by the way when I say come in reeking of booze and drink martinis make sure you simply perfume yourself with the stuff and don’t go drinking any real alcohol. As for your “martini” fill up a glass with ice water and put an olive into it to look like martini. Just make sure no catches you at it.

Another way to act like the bozo that you are not is to get yourself a girl. The girl should look really pretty and obviously not your wife (to married guys ask for your wife’s permission first or you’ll get in plenty of trouble). The girl’s job is to hang onto you and laugh at your stupid jokes but more than that should be a partner in helping you screen your chips from pit bosses when they walk by as well as someone who can help you pocket chips.