Make Money from Blackjack – is it Really Possible?

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Many player, who have chosen blackjack as their favorite game often ask the same question about how is it possible to make money for a living, just playing Blackjack? The most persistent try to find someone who is able to “teach” them all tricks and tips. But there is one aspect which is always left without attention. It’s bankroll.

To be able to play blackjack as professional player and make money from blackjack you will need decent sum. Those who do not have required money prefer to bet quickly and “watch” the table, count cards and then make large bets as soon as they get an advantage over the casino. But do not forget that casino is also will be watching you.

After they have learnt the basics, i.e. standard blackjack rules or blackjack basic strategy, they start trying something more profitable and more difficult. For example, Ace counting. Ace counting could be named as another blackjack strategy, which is pretty good to try. Using this strategy, player just counts all Aces in the decks, and then remembers the card which was dealt under the Ace. And if the same card appears – they bet on probability that the same Ace will appear. There are also many other strategies which could be found on our site, and you could try it at any online casino, which are listed here.

But using strategies is not enough for good play. Sometimes blackjack requires a bit of “feeling of the game”, which means that it’s not always good to follow the strategies strictly. And do not mess “feeling of the game” and “pure gambling”. Many players tend to forget about this and starts betting without any strategy and at the end just lose their money. And that’s why most of these players just give their money away. Self-control is important just like money management.

Those players who are afraid about losing their money normally quickly stop playing. But winning from blackjack is possible and many people are living from this game. Just practice, bet carefully, control yourself use strategies – and you could do money for a living. Will see how it is going. Good luck at the tables!