Progressive blackjack is one of interesting variations of Blackjack. As you might understand from its name this game is connected with progressive jackpot. In fact this is the main difference between Classic Blackjack and Progressive Blackjack.

Thus the rules are quite similar to the rules of Classic Blackjack. The player and the dealer receive 2 cards. The main goal is to collect more points than the dealer but the player should not exceed 21 points. In case of time the wager is split between the dealer and the player.

Ok, and now let’s talk about the differences between Progressive Blackjack and Classic Blackjack. In progressive blackjack the player can place extra bet. This bet is placed to pretend on progressive jackpot. This bet is $1 and the certain percentage of this bet goes to progressive money pool. The winning combination for this bet varies. Usually this winning hand is four Aces. Some casinos set four Aces of the same suit as the needed hand.

Once the progressive jackpot is won the fund is to be reset. This means that the house starts to aggregate new jackpot. Such approach ensures that the progressive jackpot is always quite high. It should be noted that the size of progressive jackpot can vary a lot. Some huge casinos aggregate millions of dollars; others offer just 1-2 hundred thousands.

For example here is the payout rate used in one online casino:

Extra bet to pretend on progressive jackpot is $1. If the player receives two Aces he wins $5. If the player receives two Aces of the same color (for example, hearts and diamonds) he wins $10. If the player receives two Aces of the same suit the winning will be $50. If the player receives three Aces of any suit and color he wins $100. Three aces of the same color bring $250, of the same suit – $500. Four aces of any suit and color are paid as 1500 to 1. And finally four Aces of the same suit mean winning of the progressive jackpot.

Other important things you should remember playing Progressive blackjack:

  • After the each round the dealer returns all cards to the card deck and shuffles it.
  • The player is not allowed to split his cards if he has split his hand once in this round. For example, in the beginning the player has got KK, he splits his hand. Then he has got another K on the first hand, thus his hand is KK. In this case he cannot split his cards again to have three hands. His hand will be KK equal to 20 points.
  • The player can take only one card after splitting Aces. Thus splitting aces is quite risky.
  • The player is allowed double his bet only if he has split his hand.
  • If the player doubles his bet and the dealer in the end has got blackjack the player loses his both bets.
Progressive Blackjack