5 Most Common Mistakes of Blackjack Players

There is no doubt that we make mistakes in any game we play. And blackjack and its players are not the exception from this rule. Blackjack fans and even experienced players sometimes make painful mistakes. And here we would like to introduce you 5 most common mistakes of blackjack players. You need to remember the mistakes and avoid them when you play.

Playing with no busting

When you bust you lose in blackjack, that’s right. And many people think that the less risk they take the higher their odds to win. But this is just partly right. In fact it is not the best idea to play too carefully being afraid of busting.

What we mean that you should play rationally. It is not wise to stop on hands when your odds of boosting are less than 50%. If you don’t take any risk the dealer takes your money. The dealer must stand on 17, but it doesn’t mean that you should stand on 13-14. This strategy will lead you to the failure. With no risk you will never earn money with blackjack.

No doubling

One of the most interesting and exciting things in blackjack is possibility to double. The player has got the unique chance to increase his bet during the game. And doubling in proper situation is extremely useful and profitable tactics. But beginners usually avoid doubling. They don’t want to risk their money. And this is a very typical mistake. You should never miss the opportunity to increase your winning. If you have 10-11 points from your initial hand it is wise to double.

Playing blackjack modifications where the dealer hits on soft 17

As you know there are many variations of blackjack. And in some of them the dealer must hit on soft 17. You should avoid playing such modifications! If the dealer stands on soft 17 you have a small advantage over the house. But if the dealer hits on soft 17 the house has got this advantage! Thus it is very stupid to play games with higher house edge. Your goal as sophisticated player who uses strategy is to decrease the house edge.

Splitting of perspective cards

Another common mistake of blackjack players is splitting of a good hand. You should never split perspective cards. This is just craziness! You just take your perfect hand and ruin it! Why?! With no reason! This common mistake decreases your odds dramatically. You will also need to make extra wager! The simple rule is not to split 10 or 20 points! If you split such hand you will most likely bust or stand with small amount of points. Anyway you will give advantage to the house.

Dependence on card counting

Card counting might be a very good idea in offline blackjack. But in fact card counting doesn’t give you anything in online blackjack. You need to know basis mechanism of random number generators of online casinos. RNG always shuffles cards after each hand. This means that your card counting skills become useless. But in offline blackjack where the dealer doesn’t shuffle cards after every hand card counting is very important.

Alright, hopefully you have learnt all common mistakes of blackjack players. Don’t make the mistakes and you will enjoy your winnings in blackjack. This game can be extremely fun and profitable.