6 Reasons Why to Play Blackjack Online

Not seeing where you are playing, with live dealer or online, the main goal of the game stays the same: win some money from online casino. But there are many differences between playing online blackjack and playing blackjack with the live dealer.  In our article we are trying to show you all pros of playing online Blackjack.

Playing online Blackjack is very comfortable.

Online Blackjack, compared to the game with the Live Dealer is more convenient. To start playing, you don’t have to go anywhere, take cash, exchange it to chips, find better table, etc. All you need is just a PC and Internet connection. Find any online casino, register, make a deposit with any presented deposit options (maybe even with bonus) – and start having fun. At online casino you always can find available table, so you don’t have to worry about leaving outside the game.

Online Blackjack could be played both in public or private table.

Well, with live dealer you also could play Blackjack at private table, but if you are living far from your local casino – you’d better to go online. By the way, people usually tend to behave sometimes very strange at the table, and it won’t be comfortable to play with them. They also could drink alcohol, smoke and talk very loudly. All this definitely won’t help you to concentrate on the game.

Online Blackjack could be played with small bets.

Typical bet for Blackjack with Live Dealer in land based is about $10. At online casino you could play at lower limits, which is more comfortable for you if you prefer not to bet much $$$ per hand. You could easily find online casino with Blackjack table limits starting from $1, and even with $0.25 per hand. For the real high-stakers casino may even increase standard table limits for Blackjack, up to $10.000 per hand.

You could receive bonuses playing online Blackjack.

Everyone loves bonuses. Land based casino giving away bonuses very rarely, but online casino throwing them very often, and if you will be lucky enough to catch one of special promotions – you could double your deposit, and play longer. But you will have to double check that Blackjack is in allowed games list and wagering will count towards WR.

Tables are never full when playing online Blackjack.

Yes, it’s true, you will always be able to find available table at online casino. Local casinos sometimes just don’t have enough tables for players who want to play. Sometimes it’s really annoying when you have to wait until someone who bets 1 hand in 15 minutes, just sitting and drinking free alcohol when you were going to play. It will never happen at online casino.

Playing online Blackjack is faster than with Live Dealer.

Real Number Generator and casino software deal card faster that Live Dealer, so you could play more hands per hour, and of course, win more! Computer is more accurate than the dealer in land based casino, and you don’t have o worry about all typical mistakes which live dealers usually do. That’s why the only one good choice you can take is playing Blackjack online. Good luck!