D’Alembert Blackjack Strategy

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D’Alembert betting system for blackjack is quite simple. All you need to do is to follow simple rules playing ABC blackjack. One of the main advantages of this strategy is that you don’t need to have big bankroll to use this betting system. Therefore D’Alembert strategy is considered as a very economy way of playing blackjack. But you need to know that you should not expect huge winnings also. Thus you can try this betting system to reach stable but small income. At the same time you will stay in the game as long as possible.

Some gamblers compare D’Alembert blackjack strategy with Martingale blackjack strategy. As you might know the main idea of Martingale strategy is to double bets all the time. But D’Alembert suggests that you should increase your bets by 1 bet instead of doubling it. This means that if you wagered $3 in the previous round you should place $4 bet in the next one.

The best way to master D’Alembert blackjack strategy is to examine this example:

Let’s assume you are playing Classic blackjack and have got a small bankroll. Thus in your first round you place $1 bet and lost. In the second round your bet is $2. Let’s say once again the dealer won, ok, no problems. Once again you should increase your bet by 1 buck and so on. At the same time you should decrease your bet after winning. Do you know why? Just have a look at this table to see the algorithm:

RoundResultBetYour Balance
1The dealer wins$1-$1
2The dealer wins$2-$3
3The dealer wins$3-$6
4You win$4-$2
5You win$3+$1
6The dealer wins$2-$1
7You win$3+$2

You can see in our table that this strategy can be profitable. In our example the player suffers 4 defeats and wins only 3 times. At the same time the player’s balance is +$2. Thus you just need to have a few consecutive winnings, nothing else. But you need to understand that in the long run this strategy can lead to disappointment. There is no guarantee that you will be able to win several consecutive rounds. Therefore you will have to jump on higher limits and it is quite dangerous for your bankroll.

However D’Alembert blackjack strategy is one of the most respected and trusted betting systems. This system would be extremely useful for those players who don’t want wager big amount of money.