Fibonacci blackjack strategy

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This strategy is called Fibonacci blackjack strategy. In fact this is another betting system which can be used in blackjack. This strategy came from roulette. But this system is suitable for any game with even money bets. Thus Fibonacci strategy became extremely popular among blackjack fans.

Endless sequence is at the very core of this strategy. All you need to do is to increase your bets. But increase of bets is smooth. Therefore Fibonacci strategy is suitable for beginners who have got small bankroll.

As it was mentioned you should use special progression. Next figure in the progression is the sum of two previous numbers. For example, if your last bets were 2 and 3 the next bet will be 5 and so on. Let’s assume that you start playing with the smallest possible bet – $1. In this case your progression will be: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13 and so on. You should keep in mind that when you win you need to cross out your last two bets. We will explain this moment below.

It is quite funny that Fibonacci system was used in Italy to increase the amount of rabbits on farms. But nowadays this strategy is associated with roulette, blackjack and other types of gambling.

Following Fibonacci strategy requires a lot of patience. Don’t expect to have a decent income quite fast. We also suggest you to keep piece of paper and pen next to you. You will need to right your actions and bets. Don’t mess with figures it is very important to stick to the sequence.

Have a look at our example to learn the algorithm of Fibonacci blackjack strategy:

RoundResultBetYour Balance
1The dealer wins$1-$1
2The dealer wins$1-$2
3The dealer wins1+1=$2-$4
4You win2+1=$3-$7
5You win3+2=$5-$2
6The dealer wins1+1=$2-$4
7You win2+3=$5+$1

As it was mentioned you need to write down your sequence. Our sequence would have the following shape – 1-1-2-3-5… When the player’s bet was $5 he won. At this state we need to cross out 2-3 and 5 from our sequence. Thus the progression will look like 1-1, so we need to continue from $2 bet. The idea is to go back when the player wins in blackjack.

This approach guarantees you compensation for your losses in previous rounds. At the same time you can expect compensation only in case of winning several consecutive rounds. Thus we cannot call Fibonacci system the best strategy for blackjack. This is just one of the most well known strategies. At the same time this strategy is extremely effective in case of limited bankroll. It is possible to win small amount of money without thinking too much about card counting and other typical blackjack features.