Playing Like Professional Blackjack Players – it’s Easy!

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Blackjack is probably the only one casino game playing which you can make a big money on a long term basis. Those who have never played blackjack before may think that it is too difficult to make “easy money” but it is not true. The game is very simple, blackjack table rules are easy-to-learn, and there are a lot of strategies developed to help players to win.

The main thought is that every player could win.

House Edge for standard blackjack rules is about 0.5%, if player uses basic (perfect) blackjack strategy. It is very easy to remember, and you won’t have much time to learn it.

But real professional blackjack players do not use only basic blackjack strategy. The most used strategy is card counting. That’s why players can take an advantage over casino, and turn the edge into a positive.

Let’s take a quick glance on how to count cards. Low cards are good for the dealer, because low card make easier to win (if the dealer has 12-15 total value for first two cards, and the dealer must “hit” to get at least 17). High cards are good for the player. There is also a total value for the whole table. If  low card came – they make “+1” to the whole value, if it was high card – then “-1”. And if the table is “hot” and player decides that in the next few hand they could take an advantage over the casino – they increase their bets to maximize possible profit.

There are many counting systems and card counting is very easy. Any player could learn how to count cards just in half an hour. But remember that even card counting gives you a little advantage over the casino so you will have to play many hours to gain a decent profit. Just learn the rules, make your own strategy, make right choices and luck will be on your side!