Sidebet Blackjack

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This blackjack variant developed by NYX is played with 6 card decks. The game makes a difference with its five side bets made in addition to a normal wager. The side bets are:

  • Mega Match (wins if you have a K and a Q of the same suit);
  • Blackjack Attack (your blackjack pays 18:1 instead of 3:2);
  • Cash Queens (your hand totaling 20 pays 2:1);
  • Crazy Sevens (a hand with 1, 2 or 3 Sevens wins up to 2000:1);
  • Pair Play (you win 12:1 if your first cards are a pair).

Other game rules, player actions and dealer actions are just about the same as classic blackjack’s.

Sidbet Blackjack