Four Simple Rules to Become Successful Online Blackjack Player

Well, if you played online blackjack at least once, you definitely know how simple it could be to play. Just nothing complicated. However, there are many books about how to win playing BlackJack! So why, not seeing on its simplicity, playing BlackJack is so hard?

The answer is also very simple. Because if someone wants to play at professional’s level – it will take much time and years of practice. For Online blackjack players, who are able to play many hands per hour (its speed depends on online casino software) it may take less time, but in any case there are still some rules to be learned. So if you don’t want to give away your money to slot machines – just read the following.

As was said before, blackjack – is very simple game, and blackjack rules doesn’t contain many items. The most popular techniques to play blackjack are: basic blackjack strategy (Perfect Strategy). Good choice for those who haven’t played blackjack much, but intend to learn more. All rules are combined in one table, where you can find what to do if you have certain cards. The maximum amount of time you could spend on it is half an hour, and you will know it. This strategy could maximize your winnings and minimize your possible losses. Just learn it and play a little to make sure you have got it. For those who don’t want to spend time reading blackjack books or just want to have some fun, basic blackjack strategy is the most suitable strategy. Playing with this strategy, in theory you will give to casino only 0.5% of your total bets. And if you are winning player – you will get as much money as possible. And do not forget to learn blackjack table rules for the casino you are playing at.

Card Counting.

For skilled players only. Unfortunately, most online casinos shuffle virtual decks after every game, so it doesn’t make sense.

But for those who really want to gain an advantage over the casino, we would like to suggest four rules, which you should follow to. They are simple, and they work.

Rule One.

If the dealer got “seven” or more as the first card – do not stop until you’ve got at least “hard” 17 or more.

Rule Two.

If the dealer got “six” or more as the first card – stop drawing when you’ve got at least “twelve”.

Rule Three.

If the dealer got “nine” or less as the first card – then do “double down”.

Rule Four.

Always do split ONLY for the pair of “Aces” and for pair of “eights”.

As you can see, these rules are very simple. Following these rules will help you to down the House Edge to nothing. And if there is no House Edge – winning from casino will be much easier. Of course, you may use any other system you want (we’ll tell about it in our next articles), but this one will definitely help you.