Increase Your Chances with Blackjack Basic Strategy Plus!

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As you may know, the Blackjack betting strategy called “Basic Strategy” helps player to increase his or her chances to beat the casino. Of course, to be able to do that, players will have to play almost perfectly, and stick to its rules. On the long run (and with standard blackjack rules) house edge will be very small, approximately 0.5%. This is definitely the best possible odds for every online game.

But anyway its edge is negative. Basing on the total sum you have placed on the table, it means that you are still losing 0.5%. Moreover, most players don’t like do flat betting, and use strategies, their own or taken from Internet articles and books.

Basic Strategy Plus, or “Advanced Basic Strategy” will help you to make a step from common player, who are losing money because of negative House Edge, to player who actually could make money from casino. All you will have to do is to follow the rule. Here it is:

When you are at the table, pay your attention on cards which are dealt to you and the dealer. By the way, this trick will work both at online blackjack and offline play with live dealer.  It’s not about card counting, but some kind of “counting”. If you see that on the table more cards which value is less than “9” – you may assume that the chances of hitting card with high value are bigger. And basing on this assumption you may change your decision (f.e. hit instead of stay and vise versa) and adjust your play to the current situation. It’s simple: just count, how many “high” cards and “low” cards.

Basically, if there are more “high” cards, so it’s not so good for player. To make the “theory” more clear, let’s see an example.

OK, you have 16 on the table, and the healer has 10 (first card) and you already hit one time. According to basic blackjack strategy chart, you have to “hit”, but the chances to bust are higher because there is less cards which suit you. And if you have many “low” cards on the table – your chance to get “low” card is less that at the very beginning on the game, so we are strictly advise you to “stay”. Playing with this strategy will help you to make more appropriate decisions and improve you results.