Vegas Strip blackjack is quite interesting and popular modification of blackjack. The game received its name from the boulevard in Las-Vegas which is called Las Vegas Strip. The most prestigious casinos are located on this boulevard. And the term “Strip” is usually used to call casinos and hotels located on the Vegas Strip.

Blackjack is one of the most favorite casino card games. Therefore casinos set their own rules for blackjack modifications. Thus we advice blackjack fans to carefully read instructions and rules of selected game before playing.

Six 52-cards decks are used in Vegas Strip blackjack. This game is based on rules of Classic blackjack. At the same time the modification has got a few twists in its rules that make this game more exciting.

First of all you should know that the dealer checks his hand for blackjack first. Therefore there is a high risk of losing to blackjack hand. Second rule of Vegas Strip blackjack is that dealer always stands on 17 points.

Splitting of Aces in Vegas Strip Blackjack

  • If you split aces and second card is ten your hand will be counted as regular 21, not blackjack
  • You can split aces only once
  • Only one card can be taken after splitting aces (1 card per split hand)
  • You can also split different cards with value of 10 points, for example QK, JT etc.

Doubling in Vegas Strip Blackjack

  • You can double your bet with any first two cards
  • The only possible double is 2xbet
  • You can double your bet after splitting your cards

Insurance in Vegas Strip Blackjack

Insurance rule is used in Vegas Strip blackjack. It means that you can pay insurance if there is a chance that the dealer has got blackjack. Insurance can be taken when the first card of the dealer is Ace. The house takes your insurance if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack.

Vegas Strip blackjack is one of the most profitable blackjack variations. The main advantage for players is that the dealer always stands on 17 regardless of type of 17 – “soft” or “hard”. Thus this game is extremely popular. The house edge here is lower than in Classic Blackjack.

Simple blackjack strategy should be used. Thus it is the best idea to play ABC blackjack: splitting good hands, doubling bets etc.
Vegas Strip Blackjack