Ten Tips About How to Win on Blackjack

Ten Tips About How to Win on Blackjack logo

Below are some tips from professional players, who make money for a living directly from Blackjack. We hope that these tips will be useful both for professional players and for those who just started playing.

1. Split Aces. Repeat it ad nauseam: “I should always split Aces”. Do not split 10s or 5s.

2. Double any 9, 10, or 11 you have got. Also you should double on dealer’s 3,4,5,6.

3. Use different strategies. Do not use only one strategy. Do not forget that there are many variations of Blackjack, with different blackjack table rules.

4. Learn. Read, listen, and watch. Try to know anything about the game, the rules, and the probabilities. Do practice.

5. Do not take Insurance, since it’s not profitable bet.

6. Use surrender sometimes, but not very often, especially playing online blackjack.

7. Do self-control. Bet reasonable amount every hand. Try not to bet high.

8. Set the win limit, and loss limit. After you reached on of these limits – quit the game.

9. Try not to play many games at one time. If you will be playing many games – you may lose your attention and lose it all.

10.Tip the dealer. Sometimes it could help you.