Blackjack Betting Strategy – The Positive Progression

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This betting strategy called “The Positive Progression” is almost the same as “The Negative Progression”, but the difference is that you double your bet not after winning but after losing. This idea is based on assumption that is player has losing streak – they could have winning streak, and winning several times in a row is possible. However, no one could predict when it comes. Every Blackjack player, who plays more that several months could easily recall many “streaks”.

But as was described above, chances to win or lose do not depend on previous hands. So, the logic is simple: chances are always 50/50. Any player can win 15 or more hands in a row, but it still means nothing. Yes, it is some kind of luck, because these winnings could happen even with the player who absolutely new to BlackJack and just learnt standard BlackJack rules.

Anyway, when you double your bet size every time you win, and you catch the winning streak – you can win a lot. But there is something you should know: if you lose at least one hand after long winning s session – you will lose all what you have won in previous hands. And if you are playing for a long time – you’ll lose, for sure. The only chance to win player could have if they leave the table (or just quit the game if they were playing online blackjack) after winning several hands in a row. In this case they will be able to keep the winnings. But many players get back after good win and lose it all.

But unfortunately this system also couldn’t give players any advantage in a long run. To be able to win players just have to collect their winnings after several winning hands, but they will have to decide when to stop by themselves.