Parlay Betting Strategy

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“Parlay” positive betting strategy could be named as “progressive”, and was developed for online blackjack. Like for every betting strategy – its main purpose it to help players to maximize their winnings. But, like most progressive systems, Parlay should be used with basic BlackJack strategy.

The word “positive” in this case means that player should increase their bet size in case of win, and lower bet in case they lost. In “Parlay” system if player wins – in the next hand they have to bet “winnings”+”original bet” amount, and then increase the bet after every win. If they lost – the next hand starts from the original bet.

The other name of “Parlay” is “Let It Ride”, which means that in case of winnings player doesn’t take their money away from table, and “Let It Ride” for the next hand. This system is also often used in betting (horse racing, etc). So if you are leaving money on the table to play with it the next hand – you actually let them ride.

To make the system a bit more clearly for you, let’s just use few numbers as an example. In practice, the normal bet amount for almost every BlackJack games is about $5. For more easy calculation let’s take $10as an example (your initial bet). If you have got the highest possible combination – BlackJack, which normally pays 3:2. In this case you will get additional $15 to your $10 initial bet. If the player decides to use Parlay system – they should bet their winnings ($15) + initial bet ($10) in the next hand. If they win this hand simply by collecting more points than dealer has (in this case player will be paid 1:1) – they should put their winnings ($25) + initial bet ($25) to the next pot and continue doing the same until they decide to stop. But if player loses – they should return to the original bet ($10).

To play online BlackJack successfully with Parlay betting strategy, player should keep in mind that it’s impossible to win every hand, so there is should be a maximum bet limit. And if player reaches this limit – they should stop, quit the game and collect their winnings. Otherwise, no matter how long they are playing – loosing hand will come up, and they will have to return to small bets.