Factors Which Affect on Blackjack Strategies

Factors Which Affect on Blackjack Strategies logo

If someone wants to “build” perfect online blackjack betting strategy, they should keep in mind that every given strategy works only for specific game. There is also many situations, where strategy should be used, otherwise it doesn’t make sense how and using which “tricks” you are using.

For example, if playing BlackJack you are going to make double down, remember that you can’t use it effectively every time you use it. The most effective way to use it would be if player had 9, 10, or 11 (Ace), and at the same time the dealer has something which is not valuable, for example 4, 5 or 6. In this case you can make double down with the highest efficiency, and you could get 19, 20 or 21 against dealer’s weak hand. And if you win – your winnings also will be doubled.

Another factor is that players have to remember that it’s impossible to win all the time, and sometimes, believe it or not, you will lose. Sometimes you may lose two, three or more times before getting nice win. Almost 80 percent of all betting strategies are built on the fact that it’s possible to win (and lose) many times in a row. And these strategies could be called “progressive”.

Playing BlackJack you have to know the odds. Well, Online BlackJack – is the game with best odds. BlackJack table rules offers about 0.50% House Edge. Roughly, player wins in 50 percent of all hands played. But to say the truth, casino will win about 55-60 percent of all games. 45 percent is still a good number, but as you can see casino wins anyway. It’s very important for any player to know BlackJack rules, because most strategies are based on it.

The last, but not least factor is that players should track their winnings and losses. Sometimes player even doesn’t know how much they won/lost. Basing on the bet size they could easily calculate average profit or losses. And sometimes knowing that you are up will help you to stop and keep your money + winnings.