Martingale blackjack strategy

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It is fair to say that the Martingale strategy is the most well-known betting systems for gambling. This strategy can be used in different types of gambling including our beloved blackjack. The only one requirement is even money bets. The idea of the Martingale blackjack strategy is extremely simple and logical; all you need to do is to increase your bets all the time. Thus you will need to win only one round in blackjack to compensate your previous losses.

There is the simple example. Let’s say you played blackjack and your bet was $5. Ok, you were defeated. In the next round your bet would be $10. And if you lose again you should increase your bet to $15. Thus only one win will cover your expenses in all previous rounds. When you finish the whole cycle you should start from the very beginning.

In theory the Martingale Strategy for blackjack is a guaranteed way of making money. But casinos set limits on the size of bets. Thus you can reach such limit and you won’t be able to compensate your losses. Therefore this betting system is controversial. Another problem of Martingale betting system is that you cannot use it if you have limited bankroll. This system is suitable for high rollers who can afford betting hundred of dollars. Just consider this. Let’s say you started with $5 bet. And if you lose 6 consecutive rounds your bet has to be as huge as $315!

Have a look at this table. Here you can see the possible results with starting bet of $1.

1The dealer wins$1-$1
2The dealer wins$2-$3
3The dealer wins$3-$6
4The dealer wins$6-$12
5The dealer wins$12-$24
6The player wins$24+$0

Probably you might wonder why you should use the Martingale strategy in blackjack if you just try to cover your losses. Well, the main goal of a player who uses this strategy is to win the very first round and to have a small income.

There are several extra modifications of this betting system. They were designed to optimize winnings. The first one is called Super Martingale strategy. The main difference between the Martingale strategy and Super Martingale strategy is that in the last one you need to place double bet with small extra bet which can bring you profit. For example, if you lose $1 bet in the first round you need to place $2.50 instead of $2 in the second round. The Super Martingale is even more dangerous than the Martingale system. Thus you should objectively assess your bankroll first.

Another modification of the Martingale Strategy for blackjack is the Anti-Martingale. According to this strategy you need to double your bets after winning. At the same time you should decrease your bets after losing. Experienced blackjack players say that it is wise to stop playing after 4 consecutive wins. In this case you will have small profit.