Thomas Donald Blackjack Strategy

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This strategy originates from roulette. Actually most blackjack strategies are also suitable for blackjack and bookmaker betting This is explained by fact that all the strategies we are talking about are systems of betting. Thus the game is not important.

By the way the Thomas Donald strategy is extremely popular and highly respected. This betting system allows blackjack fans to receive decent winnings with small investments. The main idea of the strategy is to constantly increase bets when you lose. Vice-versa you need to decrease your bets in case of winning. It might look a bit weird but we will prove on the real example that the system really works. The Thomas Donald strategy is suitable for even money bets. Thus this is perfect for blackjack.

Here we will show you potential results that you can achieve during 20 rounds of blackjack game. Let’s say you play classic blackjack. Here are the results of the described game:

RoundWinBetWin or loseBalance
1You win$1+$1+$1
2You win$1+$1+$2
3You win$1+$1+$3
4Dealer win$1-$1+$2
5Dealer win$2-$20
6Dealer win$3-$3-$3
7You win$4+$4+$1
8You win$3+$3+$4
9You win$2+$2+$6
10Dealer win$1-$1+$5
11Dealer win$2-$2+$3
12Dealer win$3-$30
13You win$4+$4+$4
14You win$3+$3+$7
15You win$2+$2+$9
16Dealer win$1-$1+$8
17Dealer win$2-$2+$6
18Dealer win$3-$3+$3
19You win$4+$4+$7
20You win$3+$3+$10

As you can see on our example we won 11 times and lost 9 times. At the same time we have got $10 income. It is interesting that even if we lose more often we would still have a slight income.

Therefore the system worth to try. But you should remember that the Thomas Donald strategy is not the guaranteed way of making money playing blackjack. You should also consider the fact that you will be beaten by blackjack of the dealer. This means that your losses will be bigger. Thus the strategy is risky as well as any other betting system.

Probably the main con of the Thomas Donald system is that you need to have large bankroll to follow this strategy. Experienced gamblers call this strategy the system for high rollers. And in fact you need to have enough money to play 3000 rounds to feel comfortable. Thus your bankroll has to be as huge as $3000.