Labouchere Blackjack Strategy

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Labouchere strategy is the effective gambling tool which can be successfully applied in any game with even money bets. Thus you can use Labouchere betting system in blackjack. The strategy is quite simple and based on ABC algorithm. This system is somehow similar to Martingale strategy. Sometimes it is even called “Split Martingale”. But let’s have a closer look at Labouchere blackjack strategy on the real example.

Ok, first of all you need to take a pen and a piece of paper. We will need them to write down our bets and follow the progression. We start with writing down several figures, let’s say just four. Ok, let’s write down 4-1-2-3. And now you can place your first bet. The first bet needs to be the sum of last and first figures from our sequence. In our case it will be 4+3=7; $7 is our first bet. Let’s assume that we have managed to outclass the dealer in blackjack with our $7 bet. In this case we need to cross out both figures we used (4 and 3). There are just two figures left in our sequence – 1 and 2. Thus our next bet will be the sum of these figures – 1+2=3. Ok, we play blackjack with $3 wager. Let’s assume that we have won again! Ok, great, in this case we cross our last figures. This means that we have finished our cycle! Perfect, now we can create a new list with sequence and start from the very beginning.

Surely you won’t be winning all the time. And what should we do if we lose? Everything is simple! Let’s assume that we suffered the defeat in the very first round with $7 bet. Ok, no problems, it just means that we need to add $7 to our sequence either in the end or in the beginning of the list. For example, we added 7 from the left side of our sequence and it will have the following shape – 7-4-1-2-3. In this case our next bet will be the sum of 7 and 3 (the first and the last figure) = $10. In case of winning we should cross out both figures. In case of loosing we should add 10 to our list.

Please, examine the table below with the following list of numbers: 3-5-2-1

1The player wins3+1=$4+$4
2The dealer wins5+2=$7-$3
3The dealer wins7+2=$9-$12
4The player wins9+2=$11-$1
5The player wins7+5=$12+$11

As you can see from our table Labouchere betting system can be effective in blackjack. At the same time you might have to play 10-20 rounds to compensate your losses. You also need to have relatively large bankroll to be able to play enough rounds. There is a high risk of experiencing tough times after loosing several times in a row. In our case just 2 consecutive losses lead to -$12 balance.
Labouchere strategy is the simple tool for blackjack. The only one con is that you need to have huge bankroll. It is wise to start playing from small bets. In this case you will be able to play more rounds.