Whittacker Blackjack Strategy

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This betting system is called the Whittacker Strategy. The system can be used in any type of gambling where players place even money bets. Thus the Whittacker system is suitable for blackjack. It is difficult to say if Whittacker blackjack strategy is effective or not. You can find absolutely polar opinions about this system. But it is fair to say that as many other systems the Whittacker blackjack strategy increases odds of the player. Thus you can stay longer in the game and have a small profit.

The Whittacker strategy is often compared with D’Alamber system. In fact they are quite similar but have got important differences you should know about.

The Whittacker blackjack strategy is quite helpful for beginners and players with small bankrolls. According to the Whittacker system you need to increase your bets when you lose. You should use the following progressive: 1-2-3-5-8-13-21 etc. This means that the next figure is the sum of two previous figures. Thus one winning will compensate your losses from 2 previous rounds. In case of winning you need to jump back 2 steps. Thus if you won with $21 your next bet should be $8, and not $13. And if you win with $13 bet you should go back to $5, not $8 and so on. It seems a bit complicated but you will see the example explaining the algorithm of the Whittacker system.

Have a look at this table:

1The dealer wins$10-$10
2The dealer wins$20-$30
3The dealer wins$30-$60
4The player wins$50-$10
5The player wins$20-+$10

As you can see in this table we just needed to win 2 consecutive rounds to cover our investments and to achieve small winning. And we managed to win just 2 rounds and were defeated 3 times. However we have a small winning. Thus you don’t even need to win half of rounds.

The Whittacker system can be quite effective but you should not rely on it too much. This strategy is suitable in a short run in blackjack. You should also have solid bankroll. Remember that you will have to increase size of your bets all the time thus be ready to wager big amount of money.