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From the wide variety of betting strategies, only few of it could effectively minimize your possible losses. And one of these systems is: Consistent Wager System.

Consistent Wager System has become one of the most effective wagering systems, because each player who uses it should make fixed bet for every hand and it doesn’t matter how much they won before. By doing this the player won’t lose more than it was built into the standard blackjack rules.

If we will take a very short session, let’s say 90 hands, so according to calculated probabilities, player will “lose” 46 hands, and “win” 44 hands (“push” included in winning hands). For the long run it would be better to say that player will “lose” less than 1% of played hands (long run – 10.000 blackjack hands or more).

Consistent wager system has another advantage: players aren’t required to have large sum of money to play with. With this system player increases their bets only in case of split or making double, so the absolute minimum they will need to play is about 20 “units”, one “unit” is equal to the table minimum bet. As for losing and winning streak, it will depend on “unit” size only.

As you may see, players don’t have to learn many rules or conditions just do flat-betting. They are also available wager with any selected method; the only rule is not to change the bet size. But in any case, if they are using defined amount of money, and follow its rules, it’s a complete betting strategy, and could be played at any online casino.