Paroli – “Anti-Martingale” Blackjack Strategy

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Most players playing online blackjack are always trying to advise blackjack basic strategy as the most suitable for having fun. They insist on the act that only this strategy is the best choice, but to be honest, every system could bring them a very nice profit. In the right moment, of course.

The next systems we are going to tell you about is also could be called “Anti-Martingale”. This is a progressive system, which means players will have to change their bet size in case of losing or winning.

If you are using this system, you have to start playing with minimum possible bet size. After you win the first deal – just increase your bet. In case of losing it – keep the original bet size. If you won the second hand – than increase your bet size. If you lost – return to the original bet.

Let’ take an example. Imagine that minimum bet size while playing online BlackJack is $2, and BlackJack table rules are apply at the table. Your first bet will be equal to $2. If the hand you are playing was your winning hand – you will have to increase your bet size to $4. The next winning hand will cause you to bet $8. And now you have to set for yourself maximum possible bet size, and if you reached this limit – use the original bet ($2).

The “Paroli” betting strategy doesn’t require much money to be invested, mostly because players themselves decide how much they are willing to spend. Moreover, if they set pretty low betting cap, they couldn’t lose their money fast. Comparing to other strategies, “Paroli” is pretty conservative, and sometimes it’s even better than positive or negative systems. In theory, this system was developed to give players an advantage in case of streaks. If you are on winning streak and raise your bets – you will be able to win more. And if you are not so lucky and started losing, you won’t lose as much as you would lost with other systems.

But we again advise you to keep in mind that streaks could not be predicted, so please be careful with you money, and do not lose it all very quickly.