Some Interesting Info About Blackjack Variations

It's better to choose blackjack at any online casino to be played with standard table rules, but unfortunately it’s impossible. Almost every online casino changing the rules, but the purposes for doing this were different. Some casinos just want to increase their overall profits; some casinos make rules better for players to attract them to play blackjack, and some casinos just cheating. Hope you will never find the last ones.

Below are few variations of changes you cam find at casinos, all about blackjack.

Blackjack table rules and table limits.

The first thing casinos would change is table maximum and minimum cap. The typical minimum bet – $5, maximum – $300 or $500. Some casinos offering low-roller tables with $0.25, but you can’t find many. High-roller tables usually start from $25 as minimum bet and $1000 as maximum.

By the way, blackjack table limits may be changed for week-end (as you know a lot players prefer gamble after working days), actually table limits could be increased. There are also many players who logged in into casino, watching the table but not joining because of not having enough money. Then casinos open low-roller tables.

Number of decks.

There is another way to change things in casino’s favor: put more decks into the game. It won’t affect blackjack game rules, but will certainly help to increase number of player and hands played. It’s simply: the more decks are in play – the more profit online casino may get.

Limiting Options.

Sometime casinos may limit player’s options. For example, deny player to make more than two doubles or splitting, sometimes it’s even forbidden to split Aces. But it’s very unpopular decision, and online casinos are trying to avoid such rules. The most options that players could have are:

– Split not more than to times;

– If split Aces – take more than one card;

– Late Surrender, or Early Surrender;

– Double on any two cards, or double only on 9,10 or 11;

Other options could vary depending if casino software you are using.

Changing Odds and Table Payouts.

Actually, many casinos do this. If you are lucky – you may find decent promotions where payouts changed in favor of players to attract more of them. Sometimes they could offer payouts as 2 to 1 for Blackjack, when typically it’s 3:2. It happens very rarely, but you may observe online casino we are listed at our site, and find many decent promotions for truly Blackjack players, including Live Blackjack Tournaments.